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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Style{in} Skirts: A Clearance Dress for All Season. 1 Dress; 4 Ways

So I thought I'd have a bit of fun this week... I got this bland dress at Target on clearance a couple of weeks ago. It had some great features, like the cute pattern and the knee-high slit to show off the shoes a little bit, and the fact that it was SUPER comfortable.... So I bought it and challenged myself to spice it up a bit. 
Dresses like this can be super versatile, and can stretch into almost all seasons. And with the new school year, who isn't looking for some fresh looks?

SO. Here's how I took a boring, clearance dress from this...

To these four looks:
(I kept it pretty simple accessories- and makeup-wise, but all of these outfits would be way more fun with chunky jewelry, and maybe a dash of pink lipstick;)

The first one is a bit simpler.
While I'm not a huge fan of belts (I don't like having to mess with them all day) this one adds a great waistline without adding layers. Good for the August weather we've been having lately.
And, of course, ya'll know how I feel about these shoes;)

The second one is similar, as it doesn't add too many hot layers, but it covers up the strappiness in the back if you're not a fan of that look, and still adds a waist:
These clunkers I got on clearance from Forever 21 a few seasons ago, and while they're not great for walking a lot (they start to hurt your toes after a few hours) they're still pretty fab;) 
This denim vest was a total score from a thrift store a few years back, and it's a fall-back of mine for changing up an outfit really quick without much effort.

 The third look can go into September and the slightly colder months. I kept the boots, but tried to swing the belted-cardi look:
Again, I'm not a huge fan of belts, but this one adds a waistline. These cardis are all over Target, too, and while they can be hard to find on clearance, they're typically worth buying full-price anyways. (I think the belt is from Target, too).

This last one is probably my favorite. Because, let's be honest, who isn't excited about layers and jackets and things to come back out with the fall weather?! And plus, with more layers, come more color...and I'm all about more color.
The jacket underneath is one I got on clearance at the end of last season (from Cotton On), and I snuck it into the spring weather. It's a great layering piece, too.

I also think I love this look because I don't have to worry about adding a waistline. The jackets do it for you without having to add anything like a belt or a vest or a corset...;)
 The denim jacket is kind of a "Heard Girl thing"... When the fall weather blows in, you'll see either me or my mom wearing one 90% of the time! 
You just can't go wrong with a denim jacket ;)
Scarf is from Francesca's 
These beauties are from Target, last season. Pretty sure they were only $5 off, but I don't regret the investment one bit. I've already worn them so much! And they're a great pop of color.

 Hopefully you enjoyed this little experiment... And all of these pieces I was able to pull together in less than 7 minutes! So keep an eye out for these clearance pieces, especially at the end of this summer season. A lot of them can be stretched into the beginnings of winter, or at least the beginnings of fall!
And, c'mon, Target clearance? Almost always a good investment;)

What have you found to be some great investments for the school year? Or super versatile pieces?

Have a fantastic week! Stay fab.
- Case

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  1. That's one gorgeous maxi! Great idea to style it different ways, didn't think you could create so many looks with just one dress :)

    Found you via the linkup. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and social media? Pls let me know if you’re up for it :) xoxo

    Abby of

  2. I love a great maxi dress that can transition from summer to fall. Those sandals and nude wedge boots are great! I really love how you showed multiple looks for one dress. It's so great when you can take one item and transition it into multiple looks. :)

    On another note, it was so great to have you join style confessions link-up last week... I just adored seeing your favorite look of the week. Please feel free to join us again, over at :)


  3. such great style inspiration! you look awesome!