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Friday, January 23, 2015

Nothing Without Love

Someone said the other day, "at the end of the world, there's only love."

How corny is that?
But in actuality, that is incredible. After all, Jesus emphasizes love over and over again, in His words and His actions. He even shows us the greatest display of love any man could ever show by dying to give us life! (John 15:13) Love begin and ends with God (1 John 4:7). So what else could matter?

So if love is all there is at the end of the world...
will I ever regret loving someone?
And I'm not even talking romantically, even though that's included in a way.
But will I regret taking a few extra minutes to kiss my siblings?
Will I regret being late to a meeting because I asked a hall-mate about her day?
Will I regret choosing to be patient when someone gets my order wrong?
Will I ever regret giving my heart away to the lonely and broken? even when it's painful?

And in the few days I've been pondering this, I think I've come to the conclusion that, instead of regretting love, I'm going to regret the times I withheld love
I will regret the days I was stingy with my love.
I will regret the moments when I clung to pride and entitlement instead of showing someone the love they didn't deserve in that moment.
I will regret all the times I chose to put my plans, my priorities, and my to-do lists over serving the people I come across in my every-day.

Thanking people, hugging people, praying with people, doing anything that takes the time to love and serve them well... that's not something small. That's everything. Paul proclaims that he could give every possession, or have all wisdom and knowledge, or give the greatest sacrifice... but what is any action without love? (1 Corinthians 13)

So in your day-to-day, when you encounter your family, your co-workers, or the people you overlook in an effort to keep up with the busy flow of life, remember that it all comes down to love. That's all we're here for, and that's all that there will be in the end. We have nothing and we give nothing without love. Do the dishes in love. Ask questions about someone's life in love. Be patient with other drivers in love. Correct other believers in love. Pray for people in love. Call your mom in love. That's what Jesus came to do, and that's what He came back to do through us every day.

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