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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Style{in} Skirts: Daggone, No-Good Winter

Yes, this is my first Style{in} Skirts post in a while, and I'm sort of sorry. 
(ok, actually I'm really sorry. I'm just trying not to kick myself for being such a slacker.)

But let's be real... it's really hard to look good in the winter time! Especially with all the snow and crazy weather Virginia has been experiencing, I typically leave my dorm looking more like an eskimo than a stylish, put-together young woman. The motivation to find a good outfit when I'm just going to put three and a half layers on top of it is not there.
So, yes, I'm blaming the daggone weather for my lack of discipline in posting. And my recent lack of fashion sense. 
This is an outfit I wore about a month ago that my brother snapped pictures of real quick after class. (It was super cold that day, which is why I awkwardly have my hands crammed into my tiny jacket pockets, but hopefully ya'll get the idea.) 
It's one of my favorites because it takes a hand-me-down, super comfy, plain and unattractive dress and makes it socially acceptable. I threw over it my burgundy zipper cardigan-thing, slipped on a pair of jeans underneath, and boom shakka lakka, you have a dress that's still comfy, but no longer unflattering. 
This is a big reason that I hang on to a lot of clothes that sometimes don't fit anymore, or why I pick out unflattering basics at thrift stores. Layers are key. If it's cheap/free, and a color/type of clothing that goes with a lot, why would you pass that up? Like I said, when it's cold out, nobody really sees what you're wearing underneath all your layers of clothing anyways. 
This was the first time I had tried the oh-so-hipster cuffed jeans. I thought I would hate it, but turns out I liked it a lot! Especially my fave sneaker pumps. Yes, my ankles were a bit cold, but whatever, I felt trendy.


There you have it. I'm not promising I'll be more consistent with these with the weather still cold (it's snowing AGAIN as I write). With a lack of sunshine and a lack of a photographer these days, I can't guarantee anything. 

In other news, college kids like me are nearing midterms and a bunch of other fun things like that. Tis the season for stress to begin escalating again, and for studying to be taken a bit more seriously. So love the students in your life! ;)

Hope ya'll are having a fabulous February week.
Love, Case
Dress: hand-me-down; Cardi: Cotton On (clearance!); Jacket: American Eagle; Scarf: probably Target; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: Target

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