Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: November 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

NOVEMBER (the October goals continue!)

Hello all!

I know, I know, I'm such a slacker, I'm posting about November goals halfway through the month...;)

But before we get to that...
Want to know how my October goals went?
Of course you do;)

1. Physical - Cook THM once/week 
This was a total flop (sorry, Mom). I cooked THM once or twice over the month, and I started limiting or cutting out foods... but this was a goal that I quickly realized was simply not practical when I get home late in the afternoon four days of the week.

✓ 2. Spiritual - Focus on one book of the Bible
Reading through Hebrews this month was great, and I really got a lot out of focusing on one book specifically! I only got halfway through the book, but it wasn't because I wasn't reading... it was because I was trying to soak it all in!!

3. Young Life/Ministry - Girl's night
This was another goal yet unfulfilled... mostly due to the fact that I was out of town for an entire week, and Jon had to go and get his appendix taken out!! (Yes, babe, I'm blaming this one on you;)
However, I did get some awesome hang out time with some high schoolers, even if it wasn't in the form of a girl's night.

✓ 4. Home-making - Buy mums and pumpkins!
This one was a quick success... Mostly due to the fact that Jon surprised me and brought mums home for me one day! We also spent a Sunday afternoon at a pumpkin patch, which was one of the best dates ever.

✓ 5. Baking - Bake something pumpkin at least twice
Success again! This one was also pretty easy though. Besides the oat flour pumpkin banana bread that I made (and also don't recommend...) it was so simple to slip pumpkin into a few recipes like pancakes. Love me some pumpkin pancakes!

This was probably the biggest failure of them all. However, I could come up with an excuse for all of my late work...

✓X 7. Marriage - Take at least one hiking/camping trip
This one was a little bit of both. We did take an awesome trip to the mountains to ride bikes and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves, but we also went with 11 other people - my family! So while this wasn't the marriage-based getaway I was hoping for, it was a BLAST.

X X 8. Post-wedding - Order printed wedding pictures AND Finish thank-you's to send
I knew this one would be the most difficult to accomplish... but I got SO CLOSE! I have less than ten thank-you's to send, and I have picked through most of the pictures to find my faves to order (which was a much larger process then I was prepared for! Whew!)

 9. Personal Improvement - Practice guitar twice a week AND finish one book
Proud of myself for this one because it did not affect anyone else, it was only for me. And I accomplished both! (PS the book I read is a great Christian book for engaged couples on preparing for and then encouraging marital, God-honoring physical intimacy called Sheet Music. It's practical and hilarious).

So there you have it. 
As a result of my 50% success rate I have been hesitant to make as many goals for November, considering the school year and Young Life year is only getting busier within this month. But I do have a few, less specific goals:

1. Keep reading Hebrews
I mean, why not?;)

2. Be Thankful
When I'm not thankful, what am I? Salty. Discontent. and a little Grumpier over all. So to keep Grumpy Casey from making her unwelcome appearances, greater thankfulness is in order.

3. No Instagram
Taking away Instagram, even just for the past 11 days, has helped me be more thankful. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of seeing what others have that I don't, and where do I see it most? Instagram. So it needed to go.

4. Clean the house as I go about my day (don't save it for the end of the day or the weekend)
This should be obvious, but if a cluttered and messy house causes me stress, why not keep it from getting that far in the first place? (I'm really starting to sound like my mother now...;)

5. Read another book (Eric and Leslie Ludy's book The First 90 Days of Marriage)
Eric may be the most incredible pastor I've ever been taught by, and his wife is just as amazing. After reading about their marriage and seeing it firsthand, why wouldn't I want to hear their advice? Sure enough, this book is packed full of godly wisdom.

It has been both humbling and exciting to be reminded that I would share my successes and failures at the end of the month with all my readers here. Looking forward to see what I accomplish this month.

I hope ya'll are having a fabulous fall and are enjoying the simple things in life!

Happy Fall-ing!