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Friday, May 27, 2016

Keeping up with the Capra's: An Update

Sometimes I forget to tell people what is going on in my and Jon's life, and then I'm surprised when they don't know what is going on! Lol. I'm a mess.
SO. Here are a few random updates!
1. We are working in Maryland.
Jon and I both were offered a full-time job that is too complicated to get into over blogging (just assume it's top-secret and super intriguing;) BUT we're still living in Virginia.
Which means we are driving back and forth from home every weekend.
Which means a 3.5 hour drive normally takes 6 hours.
Which means a lotttt of books on tape and tired car selfies ft. Starbucks.
We even pick up a passenger sometimes!
The "moving" back and forth each weekend has been a little tiring, but we get a lot of fun time together. Especially when it comes to my next update!

2. LOTS of new date night locations!
Living life with this man is always an adventure. He's never satisfied with staying in one place for too long, but it means we have a lot of fun exploring and adventuring. 
Not only that, we really try to have a homework-free date night every week, so it gives us a great excuse to take off on a drive to see what we find, or to plan something a little more special.
 Our first Tides' game together (which was technically in our hometown, but still, it counts)
 National Harbor, MD (our new favorite date spot!)
We both visited Annapolis, MD for the first time, too! 
(And yes, that caramel-covered chocolate-drizzled rice crispy treat was uhmazing)
 Finding new places that neither of us have been to (AND THE BEST FUDGE SHOP EVER) is always super fun.
We even got to see one of Jon's favorite artists at a swanky DC venue... for a really cheap price!
 The Great Falls were appropriately named, and was a great way to spend a drizzly afternoon last week.

3. We moved into our first little house!
My parents recently moved back "into town" and their new location has the cutest little in-law-suite-type house on the property, completely detached from the main house. My parents offered to rent it to us cheaper than our apartment on-campus, so we will be living there until Jon and I both finish our undergrad degrees.
So far, we love it! My family is the best, and they love Jon a lot, so living close to them is great. Not only that, but the house is adorable, and just the right size for us, so we are looking forward to staying there for our last few semesters.

....BUT moving houses while we are working in MD means that our weekends home have been packed with packing! Not to mention the endless trips back and forth, car troubles involving a broken window, and the loss of everything you need when you need it.
So that's been not-so-fun, but we are almost finished and settled in!

4. We're Going to ALASKA
Yep. And we are STOKED. Jon's brother and his wife are stationed in (or near?) Anchorage, Alaska, and his parents got us plane tickets for Christmas! That trip is fast-approaching, and I can't wait.

Now I just have to find which box is hiding my camera..!

5. We are so blessed
I cannot begin to describe how much we have experienced the Lord's grace in our first ten months of marriage. It sounds cheesy, but we have experienced His provision in ways that neither of us have seen before. Not only does He provide for our basic needs, but He blesses us above and beyond! He absolutely knows our needs before we even ask Him.

We already have so many stories of His faithfulness over the past year, and love sharing testimonies or how good He has been to us.

Jon and I don't have any crazy plans for this holiday weekend (we're just looking forward to being home for an extra day!) but what do ya'll have planned for Memorial Day??

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