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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wedding Pictures Part 1: The Details

Alright, I've made ya'll wait 9 months... Ready to see some wedding pictures??? I know you are ;)
 I LOVED the way the Reception area turned out! Especially the lights and the centerpieces.
The tables:
 Still obsessed with my flowers! They couldn't have been better.
My shoes (my "something blue!")
 The centerpieces were exactly what we wanted. Mom and I (mostly Mom) made the table numbers, and our florist was absolutely amazing. The lanterns, burlap, and mason jars made it feel more rustic, and then I printed pictures of Jon and I dating and engaged for each table.
The books were inspired by my antique book collection.
Actually, the tables were pretty much just the kind of look that I wish I could have in my house all the time! (Can my home just look like my wedding reception all the time please?)
The ceremony space.
Petals lining the altar.
The look out over the dock and behind the "altar"
The table outside near a gift table.
The table assignments... and yes, it took forever to write out all those names perfectly! (Thanks, Mom;)
Instead of a guest book, my sweet friend Scottie used a Polaroid camera to take pictures of each group that showed up! So instead of signatures we have little snapshots (about the size of a credit card) to remember everyone who came!
In another blog post, I will show you how I have assembled all of them.

Stay tuned for Part 2;) Can't wait to show ya'll the pictures of all the bridesmaids getting ready, and my first look with Dad!

Love, Casey

Wanna see the rest? Find them on our wedding page, and on Instagram at #CountdowntoCapra!
I also just made my wedding Pinterest boards public! If you want to check out where I got my inspiration, go check them out;)

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