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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wedding Pictures Part 2: Before the Ceremony

I don't know why, but I always loved seeing the pictures of the bridal party getting ready! So I was very excited to finally get pictures of mine:)
Unfortunately, the men showed up WAY late, so I don't have any pictures of the studly half of our bridal party (and yes, I'll admit, still pretty salty about it). But the pictures of the ladies getting ready and my first look with Daddy still turned out to be pretty fun.
(We were obviously very excited about the cake showing up;)
 Taking a quick break from getting my hair done to teach my mom and sisters how to dance to Copperhead Road! (Emphasis on the hair clips still in my hair!)
 The tiny room we squeezed in to get ready
 My cousin Karlie (find her on instagram at #hairbykarliedare or @karliedare!) did an AWESOME job on my hair! And she kept me looking great all night. Seriously never-endingly blessed by this woman.
Both of my Mama's! It was great to see my future mother-in-law before the ceremony.
 Trying to figure out how we wanted to tie the bridesmaids dresses... It was the first time I had seen them all together in person, and all the bridesmaids were in the same place!
(I mean, seriously, how cute is she?) 
 In my giant dress, I couldn't even put my shoes on! My little sisters had to strap them on for me.
I didn't wear any jewelry except for little sparkle studs in some of my piercings (from a Target multi-pack) and sparkle cluster studs I borrowed from a friend! (You know, for "something borrowed";)
 This was one of my favorite moments, and a sweet minute with my Mama. We both got a little emotional for a split sec.
 But then, there were also a few sassy moments! 
 Praying together before my bridesmaids left
 Jon and I wrote each other letters, and reading it alone before I left just increased my eagerness to walk down the aisle.

Instead of a first look with Jon, I did a first look with my dad. He had not seen any pictures of my dress, so I was so eager to see what he thought of it!

Next week I'll post the best ones... The Ceremony pictures!

Have a fab weekend!
Love, Casey

See the rest of the pictures on our wedding page, and on Instagram at #CountdowntoCapra!
I also just made my wedding Pinterest boards public! If you want to check out where I got my inspiration, go check them out;)

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