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Friday, June 10, 2016

Keeping up with the Capra's: The Last Two Weeks

Since I couldn't get to sharing last Friday, I'm gonna catch ya'll up on what's been going on the last two weeks!
1. Camping!
This past weekend Jon and I went camping with my mom's side of the family for our annual family reunion. It's always my favorite trip of the year, but it's the first time I've brought a husband along!;)
We were only able to come for the last part of the trip, but we were able to try out the tent my parents got us for Christmas. Let me tell you something, I have been raised a camper gal... but our tent was awesome! Weather was great, we borrowed a fan, and we filled up an air mattress, so some will still say we weren't truly camping, but I don't care. I got to see the sun rise through my tent window, watch the stars twinkle as I fell asleep, and I slept without air conditioning, so that's enough "roughing it" for me!

2. Grilling... EVERYTHING
The previous owners of this house attempted to throw-out this newly-wed-sized grill, but we couldn't resist rescuing it from the jaws of destruction.
Jon loves grilling, and has had a great time learning how to grill with charcoal... which means that he has been grilling everything! He's getting the hang of it real quick though, making great food, and I ain't complainin'! ;)
3. In Alaska!
We are currently in Alaska visiting my brother-in-law and his wife, and loving the Alaska terrain! It sure has been an adventure following my new family-in-law up mountains and over waterfalls. (Even though I'm not sure I'll be able to move my legs tomorrow!)
4. Home update
We are almost done unpacking! We only have ONE box left to unpack!
The next biggest things to get done are hanging up our wall decorations, finally printing off some wedding pictures and then trying to part with more of my clothes and shoes that I am tired of squeezing into my overflowing drawers.

5. The latest links:
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Coming next week:
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Sorry this wasn't a super interesting update, but I didn't want to take too much time away from family. Hope ya'll had a great week!

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