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Friday, June 24, 2016

Keeping up with the Capra's: Summer School and Hubby's Rescue

It's the weekend! While weekends are not very long for Jon and I, they still mean that we are back in Home Sweet Chesapeake for two nights (and I get to sleep in past 5am!). So weekends are still worth looking forward to after we get through our 4-6 our drive home.

I have enjoyed writing these updates every other week. And since Facebook and phone calls are not my preferred way of keeping up with people, this is my way of letting people into my life I guess.
So here are my five updates for this Friday!

1. Summer School

This is my first summer of school since probably ninth grade, but I am determined to graduate August 2017!
Unfortunately Regent academic advisors don't like to inform you that you are on track to graduate a year late until after you have been going to school for three years, and they leave you to cram as many classes as possible while you work full-time... But that's ok! I'll take it.

And while most people curl their lip at summer classes, I am still really enjoying my psychology major. Maybe I'm still in the "honeymoon phase" of a degree change, but I do not mind the reading.

2. Cuter...ish

Jon and I have returned to our northern home to finish out this job. (Hopefully we will be back home for good by the end of the month, but there have still been no promises.) But one of my biggest complaints about this job is that it is that I basically wear jeans and a t-shirt every day. Not only that, but we are out in the heat #notcute.
However, Jon helps me out with that by sneaking around behind my back and buying me earrings and taking me on dates;) (These are earrings Jon bought me from a gift shop in Alaska!)

3. Graduates!

Jon was a Young Life leader at Grassfield High School for 4 years and I was a leader at Deep Creek High School for 3 years (and at Grassfield for 8 months). Because of that, we have developed strong relationships with several high school students. These kids each have a special place in our hearts, so it was really cool that Jon was able to watch two of his closest high school friends graduate the day after we got from Alaska!
Unfortunately we had to go back to work before I could watch those precious kids from Deep Creek graduate... I was so sad! But both Jon and I are excited to continue these relationships as they enter young adulthood.

4. Hubby to the rescue!

This morning as I was sitting in my car I spilled my entire coffee on top of a Thirty-One canvas bag from a few years ago that was packed with my planner, notepads, ipad, and other things. The ruined bag would not have made me upset particularly, it was mostly just the feeling of failing at trying to take care of my things so that we can be saving. 
Thankfully, Jon was there to witness it, and (after laughing for a quick second at my clumsiness) instantly jumped up to empty the bag and pour three bottles of water on top to scrub the coffee out before it stained. 
Tears were (mostly) averted, and I was again reminded, in a small, unplanned act of love, how lucky I am to be married to this man.

5. Falling behind.... and latest links

Like I talked about on Wednesday, this week has been a hot mess... starting out with both of us trying to online school and blogging done on one laptop! It doesn't really work...
On top of that, it took us a couple of days to "recover" and catch up on sleep from our trip to Alaska.
For that reason, I'm feeling a little behind, but I know what it feels like to let blogging and homework control my schedule and stress me out, and I don't want to get to that point.
If you missed this weeks links, let me catch you up!

Last week:

Have a fabulous, restful weekend!

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