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Friday, July 8, 2016

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Celebrations!

Happy Fourth!!!
This week was fun, but also a little... off. I don't know about you, but celebrating the Fourth on a Monday caused me to get a day (or more) behind on everything! I was not adequately prepared, and I've been trying to catch up all week.
But on to the updates!
These past two weeks have been full of things to celebrate, and I'm excited to let you in on a few!

First Giveaway and First Promo Code!

Lots of cool opportunities have been coming my way, and I've been so excited!! The promo code that I offered a couple weeks ago from Shop Sevan is still available, and they have been so fun to work with. They have also added new products since I posted, so go check them out.

And last Friday I let ya'll in on a sweet opportunity to win some cool stuff in a giveaway with a few other bloggers! It was really fun to check in every day or so and see who else entered. The giveaway has now closed, but I like the idea of giving away free stuff, so maybe you'll see more of that here? Whatcha think?

GF Vegan Muffin Success

What do you do when you have a vegan friend over? You learn how to bake according to her food preferences and your food intolerances! 
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a disaster in the kitchen typically, but I am proud to announce that not only did this taste good, I made them without anything being spilled, burnt, inconsistent, or terribly late! 
And yes, it's a small accomplishment, but hey! small accomplishments should be celebrated! I really do love baking, and can't wait til we're back in VA and I can experiment with more gf vegan baking.

Our First Fourth!

(Wow, that sentence sounds incorrect!)
Jon and I were both at different Young Life camps last year for the Fourth, so we finally got to spend one of my favorite holidays together! Independence Day has always been one of my faves because there isn't the stress or the prep involved like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, which means everyone can feel a bit more relaxed. Not only that, but my parents have a party every year for my extended family (on both sides!) and it's a great time to be reminded of how blessed I am that all of my family lives within 40 minutes of each other.

Beautiful Commuting

Sometimes the 4-hour commute to work is a drag, but the past few trips have been full of gorgeous sunrises or sunsets! And I can't help but feel like God put them there just for me sometimes, just to remind me that He sees me and loves me and cares tell me that.

My Daddy's 50th

Yesterday my dad turned the big 5-0! 
My dad was my #1 growing up, and I was a Daddy's Girl through and through. Most of the time I would have preferred a hunting trip with him over anything, and I loved growing up watching him tinker in the barn or skinning deer at the farm in the winter. He's the wisest man I know and I tear up thinking about how blessed I am to be his girl.
(Also this manly-man wore hot pink socks and a tie just for me on my wedding day; if that ain't love I don't know what is;)
You're the best Dad I could ask for!

This week's (lack of) posts

I don't like making excuses for why I'm not posting, and I already struggle with feeling like I have to give a reason for why I did /didn't do something. So I won't give excuses, but I will say that this week has been tough, and that I needed to remind myself that it is okay to fall behind in order to get spiritually/mentally/emotional refreshed or to take care of myself.

I am not defined by my grades or the amount of posts I crank out in a week, and that has been comforting to talk to the Lord about this past week. I also needed to be reestablished in the fact that I could fail all my classes and never blog ever again and I still wouldn't be defined as a failure in His eyes.

This may sound like a downer way to end my "Celebrations," but it isn't, because I love being reminded of who I am to Jesus!

But I just wanted to let ya'll know that it wasn't the plan to go MIA all week;)
In case you missed anything the last two weeks, here ya go:

Next week's agenda (if I ever get caught up on homework;) includes an awesome swimsuit company, discussion on insecurity, Alaska pictures, and maybe a discussion on what marriage is teaching me, or maybe living with food allergies/intolerances?

How did you celebrate this week?

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  1. I'm a daddy's girl too, and I also understand the struggle to cook with allergies. I am allergic to gluten too, and I will agree that any time I can find a good recipe for something, it is a victory! And I can definitely relate to the struggle to balance blogging and homework and everything else that life throws at us. I'm not taking any summer classes, but I struggle to find time to post during the fall and spring semesters. That is such good encouragement, though; God will never label us as failures, no matter how much we struggle to balance it all, and I am so thankful for that reminder!
    Thanks so much for linking up with the Grace and Lace Linkup!

  2. Love this post! The muffins look delicious and that view is absolutely gorgeous! The 4th on a Monday did seem weird!

    Thanks for linking up at Grace + Lace!