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Friday, July 22, 2016

Keeping Up with the Capra's: More Travels + a Visit from the In-Laws

Happy weekend, everyone!
These update posts have become my favorites to write every other week... since we've been living up here in Maryland, away from home, friends, church, and family, it's been easy to get discouraged and feel alone. BUT writing these posts never fails to remind me how blessed I am, and how faithful the Lord has been to us while we've been here. It builds my faith to remind myself of all that He's done for us or given us.

Good news, though...

1. We're coming home soon!

This is our last weekend up here! We will officially be done with this job next Wednesday, and we are both looking forward to getting back home.

While we are very excited to see people again and get back into a real house, I am a bit apprehensive about establishing a new schedule... I'm a planner girl!
I have no idea what the next couple of months are going to look like for us (actually, I have no idea what any part of the future is going to look like for us, haha!) but 100% that whatever it is, it's going to be good because we have a good God (who does happen to know what our future looks like)!
Our cute little house in VA!

2. Weekend Traveling (Annapolis & the National Zoo!)

We've been to Annapolis before, but we spent a full Saturday there one weekend. We ate crabs, bought hats, and gave ourselves a self-tour of the Naval Academy. It was a hot hot hot day, but we got to check a couple things off of our hypothetical Maryland Bucket List. (I posted it about the day here!)
Another thing we checked off of that list was a trip to the Zoo! Neither of us have been since we were very little, so this was definitely something that I wanted to do before we moved back home. 
It is always sad to see animals that are not where they are supposed to be, but WOW do I always have a greater wonder for our Creator God when I get to see these incredible creatures up close! He really is so creative, and it was fun to enjoy what He has given us.

3. Visits from the In-Laws

I have said this before, but I feel so blessed to have in-laws that I look forward to seeing and hanging out with! I love that Jon's family feels like my family.

The Capra's came up all of last weekend, took us out to eat, and we got to show them a few of our favorite places. One of them was the Hamilton! (Lol at the fact that we all accidentally matched!)
Another place we went was the National Harbor. Ya'll know this has been our fave place up here the last couple of months, so it was fun to share it with someone else, too.

4. Together 2016

It would have been dumb to miss this huge Christian event on the National Mall since we are living so close!
It was way too hot for me to normally be outdoors, but I was so incredibly encouraged by the event. I found myself wishing I had brought a Bible and notebook so I could jot down a few notes! I was not expecting for the event to be so thought-provoking, nor motivate me so much to pray for our country.

My faith was built up, and I am thankful for those who worked so hard to organize the event. I am also excited to hear stories of God moving in the Church/our country as a result of the prayers that were prayed on that day, and the worship that was lifted up.

5. Blogger Life

One thing I have liked about this job is that it has provided me with the structure to get back to a consistent schedule with blogging. It really is one of my favorite things to do, I am just not good at defending my time to do it!
I don't have any extraordinary news for CR&T this week, but I am definitely looking forward to continue blogging about home life and modest fashion when I get back to VA.

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Look for my guest post on "Wear it Wednesday" on Adventurous Shelby & The Accidental Nomad Life!!!

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Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend ahead of you... Jon and I are getting off work 6 hours early, so it's already off to a great start for us!

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  1. What a lovely, uplifting week! I am glad that you had such a lovely week!

    Ashley @

  2. I love what you said in #1! It really inspired me. I love sight-seeing and travelling! Your striped dress is so pretty!

    Thanks for linking up to Grace + Lace!