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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Currently: August

I shared with ya'll a "Currently" list for July last month, and I have again taken up the challenge from Anne In Residence.
I'm cramming homework and to-do's into these last two days before we leave on our anniversary trip... so blogging has been a little bumped down on the priority list.

But I don't feel that bad. I get to go to the Bahamas! ;)

That is where I will be in a couple of days, but

Currently I am...

hearting: my new Shop Sevan kimono!
I mention this kimono was something I was "wishlisting" last month, and I finally bought it... and of course, debuted it to my parents house while they were preparing for carpet to be installed (lol).
Can't wait to style this piece in a million cute ways.

watching: Food Network.
All. the. time.
One reason is that I am trying to gather tips and inspiration for learning how to cook, and the other is because it is always clean. (I don't have to keep the remote nearby in case something innappropriate makes an appearance on the screen.)
Also, who doesn't find Cutthroat Kitchen entertaining?

exploring: Pinterest for kitchen tips! Our kitchen is really small in our new house, and it is really giving my creativity a run for its money. Do ya'll have any tricks for storing things in a small kitchen? (particularly for short housewives?;)

creating: LISTS. This is nothing new for August, because I feel like I am always creating lists (and my husband will probably agree). Lists really are such a great way to empty your brain and give it some "room to breathe" and the ability to focus on what you need to do in that moment.
But with our trip to the Bahamas and the new semester right around the corner, I feel like my list-making has been taking steroids!

eating: delicious gf peanut butter cookies that a sweet friend brought over last night... and they only have 5 ingredients! They may make a debut here on the blog, but they will for-sure be in my kitchen again in the near future.

Other than that, it feels really, really good to be home from Maryland, and we are finally getting to enjoy being in our new little house for more than just a couple of days. It's starting to feel a little more like home!
What are you currently hearting/watching/exploring/creating/eating?
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  1. New house - so exciting! I love those GF peanut butter cookies too. Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Oh love your kimono! I really like kimonos in summer! :)

    Enjoy your upcoming trip :)

    Away From The Blue Blog