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Friday, August 19, 2016

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Bahamas Anniversary Cruise!

It's Friday!
Welcoming the end of this week with open arms... it's been a rough one, ya'll!

I don't have anything really interesting to share from this week (besides being super excited that I spent basically the whole week cleaning my house and it feels so good to be done!) so I thought I'd share pictures from our trip last week!

For those who need to be caught up, we spent the last week traveling to and from the Bahamas for our first anniversary!
We drove the 14 hours down to Florida, but enjoyed the trip... Even though we were both a little tired of driving so much for work, Florida is one of our favorite places to go.
And who can be cranky on the way to Florida???
 Cruises are one of my favorite ways to vacation because you just sit back and relax and explore the ship... you don't have to worry about transportation, or traffic, or getting somewhere on time, or finding something to do. It's all right there! So I was very excited for Jon's first cruise (and our first cruise together).
Neither of us knew what to expect once we got to the Bahamas, but once we got there, it was nothing but relaxing. We sat in beach chairs, ate conch fritters (omg, so good), walked around local shops, and sat in the beach chairs some more!
Also wore my new kimono from Shop Sevan a lot! It was great as an outfit piece, but as a swimsuit cover, too!
This outfit on the right? My favorite Bahamas outfit! Read about it here!
Eating fresh coconuts... I've always wanted to try some!
Our anniversary dinner... And even without our wedding bands it's obvious we're married! 
We had an absolutely fabulous time. After two nights on the island and one more night on the boat, we were back in Florida and on our way back to Virginia.
 It was probably the best vacation I have been on... And we got back ready to settle into our home (finally!) and start preparing for the fall semester.

This week has been spent cleaning and enjoying our last week of summer before fall classes start. I had a few simple goals for the remainder of this month, and so far I'm making great progress. Next week, as classes begin, hopefully I'll be able to finish them up and begin teaching myself how to cook!

How have you been spending August?

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  1. The Bahamas seems like such a fun place to go. I love going to the beach, so I know I would love it! All of these pics are so pretty! I love the wedding band tan!!

    Thanks for linking up at Grace + Lace!