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Friday, August 26, 2016

My (K.I.S.S.) Goals for August

Want in on a few goals I made at the beginning of the month?
When we got back from our anniversary trip, August was in full swing and the fall school semester was on its tail, so I didn't have very many big goals. I tried to use the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) but that's always challenging for me...
So in that spirit, my goals included:
I wrote about my learning experience during all this cleaning here

1) Deep clean the house/catch up on laundry:

After traveling so much, laundry had piled up, and the kitchen was due for more than a surface-level cleaning!
Status: Completed! (It took me three days, but everything in the house has been scrubbed, mopped and vacuumed! And it feels great.)

2) Order wedding pictures for our wall:

Even though I have printed up some wedding pictures, I wanted to print up some larger prints for our wall. I also think a photo book would be good for the smaller pictures, but I haven't tried one before... Any recommendations?
Status: Honestly, I forgot about this one... haha!

3) Clean out/organize the laundry room:

Our laundry room has quickly become the spot for both of us to throw things we don't know where to put just yet (i.e., a lot of my stuff;). But considering how often we do laundry, I would love not to feel additional dread every time I go in that room!
Status: Not even started :( Too busy with other cleaning!

4) Stock up on school supplies:

I'm really good at using things up until they are no longer useable, but some of my methods are getting a little ridiculous... Who doesn't love stocking up on office/school supplies though! To me, it is so refreshing, and makes me look forward to doing homework.
Status: Completed! (Forgot to get fresh highlighters though... whoops!)

5) Have a beach day!

This one is (obviously) just for fun. But we have missed the beach while we have been away from VA! It may seem silly, considering we are just getting back from the Bahamas, but nothing beats the salty VA beach.
Status: Will be completed tomorrow! ;)

An accidental goal:

I made an accidental goal to work out more regularly, and that has also been a success! Last week I worked out four times, and this week I have worked out twice! For someone who has been off their workout game for more than a year, it's feeling really good to get back into it.

ALSO, keep your eyes peeled for something cool coming to social media this weekend... It might come in the form of a flash sale over the weekend to debut some of my home-knit products???

What were some of YOUR goals for August? Did you complete them?
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  1. I love reading other people's goals! I love having beach days! I hope you have a great time!


  2. These are some great goals! I'm always planning on making goals for myself, but then I either forget to make a list or I forget to actually do them! It's definitely something I'm trying to work on; it seems like you're doing a fantastic job working them into your busy schedule and that's an inspiration to me!
    Thanks for sharing at the Grace + Lace Linkup!