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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Modest Budget: Finding the Perfect Dress for a Summer Wedding

Hello, my sweet readers!!
This past week was a busy one, and this week will be no different... But sometimes we have little things that take us away from all the busyness of life and remind us of what really matters in life.
Like weddings!
A friend I've known for 20 years (yeah, since I was almost 3!) got married to his high school sweetheart in Charlotte on Saturday. Where does time go? It feels like yesterday Alec and I were racing in cowboy hats on broomstick ponies around my backyard (I won, for the record).

There is something so incredible about watching two people commit to yielding to, serving, and submitting to each other for the rest of their lives, especially when you know both of their hearts are completely genuine. Such a beautiful reflection of the love God has for us!

Weddings are also a super fun time to dress up. This was a dress I haven't worn since my honeymoon last year, and I even dusted off my wedding shoes!
So how do you find a great summer wedding dress? Here are my 3 criteria:

1. Find something light

Girl, you know you're gonna be movin' and groovin' when you hit that reception dance floor. And even if you aren't a dance-floor kind of gal, big crowds or outdoor receptions tend to be very warm. Don't wear anything that's going to make you feel smothered, sweaty, or (heaven forbid) smelly!

2. Find something you can move in

One of the biggest mistakes is forgetting that you are going to want to move freely after the wedding.
Is the dress too short when you "raise the roof"?
Are you constantly tugging that strapless dress up when you're trying to get down?
Are you shaking too much when you're shaking your tail feathers?

Don't be that girl in the background of the wedding pictures that is losing her dress because she forgot she'd be showing "how low she can go" during the Cha-Cha Slide.

3. Find something you feel good in

Everyone looks their best at a wedding. While you shouldn't base your appearance on your comparisons (definitely a bad decision) be aware that if you don't feel like you look good, you're going to feel like you look bad.
Feeling confident in the dress you wear is key to having a great time instead feeling insecure.

These are also good criteria to remember for shoes. (You gotta keep 'em dance-able!)

The dress I'm wearing I got at Francesca's last year... but below are a few orange faves I've found online (for under $40!)

What have ya'll been celebrating lately?
Do you have any criteria for finding the perfect dress to wear to a wedding?


  1. That's such a gorgeous dress, and I totally agree with your tips! We have a wedding to go to next weekend and I definitely kept those things in mind when looking for a dress--I have to be able to dance!
    Shea |

  2. I also shopped for a dress to wear to the wedding last month. It took me awhile, but I think I found a perfect dress for me that can be worn on many other occasions. I LOVE your dress. This color looks good on you. I think this dress would look even dressier with wedges. Is the back of your dress open?
    Here is what I wore to the wedding if interested. We don't dance in our church, so I could wear heels :)!/2016/07/wedding-guest-outfit.html

    1. Wow, that dress is adorable!! And so practical for so many more occasions!
      I agree, my dress probably would have looked nicer with wedges... but I typically go with flats now that I am married, because I am so close to my husband's height, lol!
      And yes, it's open in the back, like a halter:)

  3. Really cute!! I love dresses that meet the criteria of being both comfortable AND good-looking! :P

  4. This dress is so cute, and your hair looks fantastic!!! I love the braid on the side! I absolutely love weddings, and these are some great tips for finding a good dress to wear to them! Thanks for sharing with the Grace + Lace Linkup!

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