Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Our First Year of Marriage

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our First Year of Marriage

How crazy is it that I've been a wife a year, and I haven't even gotten used to calling myself that yet!
I know our anniversary was a month ago, but every time I sat down to write this post I just couldn't come up with the words. How do I talk about something I'm still in the throes of learning?
How do I describe to someone how hard and challenging and refining marriage is,
while also explaining how it is the most glorious and wonderful thing I have ever experienced?

Let me just tell you, in this past year I have experienced God in ways that I never have experienced him before. Both in the good and the bad (because who knows that God can sometimes feel the closest and teach you the most when you're in the middle of the fire? Can I get an amen?)
In this past year, Jon and I have been on a lot of adventures! We have
- both studied full time
- both lead Young Life
- worked part or full-time jobs
- travelled to 7 states (NC, SC, GA, FL, NY, MD, AK)
- and DC
- and the Bahamas
- by boat
- and by plane
- lived in 2 of those states
- and moved 2.5 times (commuting back and forth to Maryland made that hotel feel like home!)

Some of our experiences have been typical for the average married college students, like in-house date nights and using gift cards we received as wedding presents to buy people Christmas gifts.
But in other ways we have been blessed so far beyond my expectations. We were able to go to the Bahamas for our first anniversary!

We had a lot of funny arguments about stupid things, that typically ended up with us laughing about where the communication got sideways, and we have tried to laugh through the challenges of figuring out how to go from two individuals to one couple who lives in sync.

(Sometimes it's like living in a dance, but not like the beautiful finale, like the sweaty, stepping-on-toes, frustrating dance practice with a few glorious epiphanies now and then!).

If I could choose just one word to describe this year, though, it would be humbling.

Because I have made so many mistakes and Jon has handled them with a smile.

Because even though I still can't cook well, Jon always comes to my rescue.

Because even though I married a manly-man, he has embraced my girly-girl emotional moments like no one else ever has.

Because even though we have both seen the ugliest places in each other's hearts, the Lord has given us His Lover Eyes for each other.

Because I have learned just how endless Jesus' forgiveness is (and when you've been granted endless forgiveness, you can't help but give endless forgiveness!)

It has not been perfect, by any means. There have been moments where I thought I wouldn't be able to handle anymore of the hurt or the anger or the happiness or the confusion, and that I would simply combust from the pressure.
But with Jesus and Jon in my life, I am completely spoiled by love and convicted by my own selfishness (which is a really good combo, if you think about it...)

Jon makes me want to look more like Jesus, and I think that's the best he could pull out of me.
No one has drawn me to my knees at the foot of the cross just by being themselves in the way that he has this past year.
The anchor to my Anchor, I'm so glad I chose you, Jon!
100% the second best decision I ever made;)
Wanna see more pictures?


  1. "Jon makes me want to look more like Jesus, and I think that's the best he could pull out of me." What a beautiful thing to say! Happy anniversary!

  2. This is such a sweet post! It definitely makes me so excited for my hopeful marriage someday in the future, and is such a great reminder of how wonderful and God-ordained marriage is! Happy anniversary, and thanks for sharing at the Grace + Lace Linkup!

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