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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Source of All Your Insecurities

I got married August 2015 to a man I had dated for less than 6 months. Last year I literally lived out my 12-year-old-Casey dreams of meeting a great-looking, godly guy, falling in love, and getting married ASAP.
(No, seriously, I really did day-dream about dating someone for three months and marrying him just a few months later!)

I love my husband and I love being married. Jon is not perfect, but he's embraced husbandhood with humility and passion and a ton of effort. He loves me more than I ever thought humanly possible.

However, it may surprise you to find out that I - a newlywed, pre-kids, pre-stretch marks, and definitely in love with her husband - still struggle with insecurities.

As a single gal, it was easy to expect that the love of a man would dissolve my insecurities, or at least cause them to diminish.

"Once I find a man who loves my body completely, I won't feel ugly anymore."
"When I find a man who loves my personality, I won't feel so weird or awkward."
"I won't feel like a failure in the arms of a man who doesn't expect me to be perfect!"

You get the idea.

But even though Jon loves me, he'll never think I'm perfect. And he shouldn't, because I'm not.
And even though he loves me more than anyone on the planet, he isn't perfect either!

However, my insecurities are meant to be dissolved by a perfect love... just not a perfect human love.

Insecurities truly stem from not understanding how passionately and completely our Heavenly Father feels towards us. We all long for a hero to risk death to save us, and still ignore the face that we've already been saved by a man who defeated Death Itself! 
I am finding that I am completely free of all my insecurities, not when I remember I am a very loved wife, but when I remember I am a fully and unconditionally loved Daughter of the King.

So you see, the source of all your insecurities actually is all about being crazy loved by a Hero, but the source of your freedom comes from knowing you already are.
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  1. Great point! I'm in your boat- pre-parenting, pre-"feeling older," in love, married, etc...but insecurities are there just the same. You nailed it. It's looking for approval- for worth- from someone else human that makes us insecure and freedom is found from finding all that in Christ alone! Great to meet you Casey : )

  2. What a great reminder of our Savior's unconditional love Casey. May we always live with joy in our hearts as we remember God has chosen us. Satan will try to attack our insecurities but our Savior is stronger. We must always keep our eyes on Him. There is freedom in living for Jesus and knowing who we are in Him. So nice to visit you today. you have a lovely site. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and may God bless you and yourrs

  3. Girl, this is such a great post! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. You are such an inspiration!!

  4. Casey, this is great! We need to remember the unconditional love we have in Jesus. I pray this reminder gets to the people who need it most. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  5. Love this! I have also learned that insecurities won't be diminished by another human being. Realizing my worth and confidence in Christ has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

  6. What a great post! It's filled with so much truth. It doesn't matter if we're married or single, young or old, true security comes from only one place. Thanks for this great reminder. Blessings! Donna

  7. Just saw your blog on Holly's and wanted to pop over and read! I loved this post you shared... thank you for the encouragement. I've been married 1 years & have 4 kiddos and your post still rang true to me!

  8. Our insecurities are based in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being insufficient, fear of failure, fear of.... .... .... ... That's why I love that God said through the Apostle John... "perfect love casts out all fear." thanks for this post

  9. Casey, this is such a great post! I tend to struggle with insecurities and perfection, so this post is so encouraging for me. Thank you for always writing what God has put on your heart. It matters.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes

  10. Such a beautiful lesson to learn. It's something we "know" but when that message gets in your heart it makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing!