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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Modest Budget: Thrift Sweaters (And why you should buy them!)

Happy Election Day, everyone! Ya'll voted yet?

I know I've talked a lot about thrifting lately, (6 Tips for Successful Thrifting and featuring thrift store finds in these posts here and here) but hey, thrift stores just can't be overlooked as one of the greatest resources for college kids and budget brides.

Fall is great for thrift stores for one especially appealing reason: sweaters! 
Thrift stores are a great place to buy sweaters because
1) they don't get worn out easily
2) they don't go out of style
3) people get rid of them when they run out of space for them 
4) they're cozy (i.e., the biggest reason most people buy sweaters is to feel cozy and where them primarily at home on Saturdays, so they don't even technically need to be cute)
 This is one of those sweaters that I bought primarily for those lazy, stay-at-home weekends, but it actually turned out cute enough to wear out! I feel a little bit like a 90's mom, but I also kind of like the feeling;) #ThriftWin
I bought it over the summer and couldn't wait to try it. It's so comfy because it's made with a really thick yarn, and the dark, jewel tones make it a fall fave of mine.
Sweater: Thrift, $6
Jeans: H&M, $35 (similar & similar under $40)
Shoes: Uggs (gifted)
I bought this navy sweater a couple of years ago, and I have always liked the loose fit... but now this tunic-y fit is super "in"! Glad I have never considered parting with it. #ThriftWin
This mustard scarf is a Target purchase from a couple of years. Ya'll have been seeing it a lot on Instagram (herehere, & here). That's not planned, I just wear it that much!!
Sweater: Thrifted, less than $5 (similar & similar under $20)
Scarf: Target (similarsimilar under $20)
Jeans: H&M, $35 (similar & similar under $40)
Boots: Gifted
Both of these sweaters were such a good find... and so cheap!
Just be sure to make sure your sweaters aren't "hand wash only" before you buy them at a thrift store!
(Read the rest of my thrifting tips here!)

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Have you had any #ThriftWins lately?
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  1. Thrift store sweaters are my favorites! I love them so much!

  2. Such cute sweaters! Love the colors

  3. You found some great sweaters!! Love how you style them as well xx

  4. Thrift stores are the best when it comes to cozy sweaters!

  5. Another reason I love thrifted sweaters is they are already shrunken or stretched out so you know how they fit after time. These sweaters were definitely thrifting scores!

  6. I adore sweaters! One of my favourite parts of fall :) And I'm loving that navy/mustard combo, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with the Wednesday Showcase!

  7. I am currently chilling in one of my new thrifty sweaters. I think I mentioned before, our local Salvation Army does a $6 sack sale once a month, so anything you can stuff in the sack is $6. All summer I have gotten like 42 cent shirts (which is great for working with children) and I cannot wait to find time to go scope out the winter sweaters.
    And yes, be so careful of the labels. I totally shrunk the most beautiful (I did not know it was...) cashmere sweater because I am lazy with labels.

  8. I buy so much at thrift store more than half my closet is thrifted. It just is so much fun to find treasures and I love it!

  9. I loved this post and thrift store sweaters!! Thanks for sharing on the linky - great find!

  10. I love thrift shopping, and I agree, sweaters are a great purchase there! Love both of these looks on you!

  11. Love the sweaters on you. After reading this I really just want to crawl back into bed, with a cup of coffee, a good book and a cozy sweater.

  12. I love thrifting but don't get to do it as often as I'd like as stores of that nature aren't quite as prolific here in Houston. That said, I always shop on Poshmark and since most of my purchases are pre-loved items, they count as thrifting, yes :)

    I'm talking about legacy on the blog right now. What it means to me. How I want the world to remember me. That and my weekly Project Sister Act Link-Up is currently live, and will be up until next Thursday, and I would so love for you to come over and join in xoxo

  13. Beautiful pieces, love that blue "tunic" sweater on you.
    Rachel xo

  14. I have a few sweaters. But living in Georgia and being a person who gets hot easily, I don't get to wear them often. When we lived in Montana, I wore them all the time and I loved it! Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  15. Thrift anything is my favorite esp when they are cute sweaters like this GOOD JOB GIRL

    Life is just Rosie

  16. Love your sweaters! I agree the reason you wear a sweater is to be comfy at home :) Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday Showcase.

  17. Great finds! Both sweaters are so cute and cozy! I love the navy with the mustard scarf!

    Doused In Pink

  18. So true - thrift stores are a great place to buy sweaters! Great finds!


  19. I have never thrifted, but I want too! I love your sweaters! They look so cozy and warm!

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes