Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: December 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Keeping Up with the Capra's: It Looks Like Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
And happy Christmas break to my fellow college students!
I just finished my last final yesterday, and the feeling of freedom is real, lol. Now I have nothing better to do than enjoying the rest of this festive month as much as possible!
As I write this, I'm helping my brother make a Christmas present, wearing sweatpants and fuzzy socks, and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (my favorite Christmas movie!)

These "Keeping Up with the Capra's" segments are my favorites because it's my time to look back over the last week or two and be reminded of how much there is to be thankful for. It's so easy to get in a stressful mood or mundane rut, but reminders of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness are always present in my camera roll. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Learning to Share Our Stories in the "Middles"

I am learning that I like having things figured out before I start anything.
(Both my mom and my husband are probably going, "No kidding!")
It took me weeks and weeks before I started Thistlefish Knits just because my brain was filled with "what if's," and I realized I just didn't want the embarrassment of not knowing what to do.

I am afraid to fail. (whew, I said it; there it is.)

But I'm learning how important it is sometimes to just push aside fear and "go for it."
I'm also learning about how important it is to share your story and your life before you've figured out everything. Like, sharing it while you're in the middle, in that weird portion of the story when you really have no idea how anything is going to turn out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Modest Budget: More Thrift Sweaters + Why I Decided to Take College Slower

Welcome to Tuesday, lovely readers!
Sweater: Thrift Store // Shirt: Gap // Skirt: Target (old) // Boots: Thrift Store
Holidays, finals week, present-buying/wrapping/anticipating... December always goes by so fast!
So I find myself grabbing one of my thrift store sweaters (ya'll know how much I like my thrift store sweaters!) and a basic tee, enabling me to switch up the "bottom half" of my outfit and create variety.

This December has looked a lot different than last December (a.k.a., our first holiday season as a married couple!) but different in a lot of good ways.
For one, I've cut back on my school load, and I've only taken one class at a time this semester.
Wanna hear why? 😉

Friday, December 2, 2016

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Holidays in Full Swing and a New Family Member!

Happy Friday!
Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is on it's way... the holiday season is in full swing!
It's easy to get a little stressed this time of year, but I'm always so bummed when everything is over.