Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: My First 13 Weeks of Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My First 13 Weeks of Pregnancy

Ahhhh it feels so great that ya'll finally know that I'm pregnant! I know it sounds silly, but telling ya'll has made the news officially real. I blog what's really going on, and it was difficult to even know what to say without giving myself away.

So to catch ya'll up, here's what's been going on in our pregnancy for the last 13 weeks!

Finding out...

Like I said in our pregnancy announcement, we found out the day before Thanksgiving... and totally on a "just in case" hunch! We had no idea and we were so surprised. That put us at exactly 4 weeks.

I felt entirely normal (physically) for the next week or two. Jon and I were a bit bewildered still ("how exactly did that happen??") but super excited at the same time. There are so many emotions! So many plans! Not to mention the giddiness we had of keeping such a big secret from our friends and families. 

December (weeks 6-9)

Weeks 6-9 were the worst part of the pregnancy so far... I felt so sick! Before I got pregnant, I thought that pregnant women were divided into two camps: those who got morning sickness, and those who didn't. I honestly didn't think it was any more complicated than that.
Our first Christmas as parents!
Turns out, you can be morning sick, afternoon sick, "what is that smell" sick, night sick... and it can change all the time! I never threw up (I don't even throw up with I get the flu) but I had an overwhelming feeling of nausea that just stuck with me all day. I wanted to lay on the couch and eat carb-y, salty things 

Food was the most annoying thing, because all of a sudden I didn't want to eat anything. (Not to mention I had to stop binge-watching everything Food Network!) I've always been a meat-lover, but for the last two months I have eaten maybe three servings of meat. This has just made things feel very inconvenient. Thankfully, seafood and (non-raw) sushi are still friends with my body, so that's what most of our meals consisted of.

At week 8 (just a couple of days before Christmas) we were able to get our first ultra sound though! Let me tell you, hearing that heartbeat for the first time was unreal. All I kept thinking was "Whoa... there's actually a human inside of me right now!" We also got our first sonogram just in time for the holidays:) For a while I carried that picture around in my purse, just because I couldn't believe I had a picture of my baby.

Telling our families!

At this point in the pregnancy, Jon and I still hadn't told our families. We wanted to tell them around Christmas when everyone would be together, and it was so fun coming up with ideas! We talked about it non-stop. Finally we were able to tell them! Their reactions are priceless. We recorded the whole thing, and their faces were so fun!!! I'll be posting the videos on CR&T's Facebook page in the next week, so keep an eye out!

January (weeks 10-13)

This month has been, well, less sickening. The consistent nausea is finally over, but it has been replaced by exhaustion. 
No, seriously, I'm so tired 😅
I watched my mom walk through a lot of pregnancies as the oldest of 10 kids, but when she said she was tired, I just thought she was talking about a little bit of tiredness. Nope, she was talking about the "if there weren't multiple children needing me right now, I would be propping my feet up and napping all day" kind of tired.

This has been one of the hardest things for me to process, just because I'm "a do-er." I spend a lot of time at home, but a lot of time doing stuff. Now, I spend a lot of time at home trying to do stuff. I started doing some yoga after the New Year, but couldn't keep up with it because even that little bit of exercise made me feel too tired. Hey Mama's: Any tips on fighting/giving in/being ok with this tiredness??

I'm still feeling really picky about foods (especially meats!) and unfortunately craving cheese (super inconvenient since I'm milk intolerant!)

I feel like, at this point (wk 13) I'm beginning to show more of a "bump," but it's hard to know if I'm actually "showing" or just gaining some "fluff" from all the junk food I was eating to keep the nausea away 😂 

Coming up:

Jon and I will (hopefully) be finding out what we're having in the middle of March! I can't wait; it feels so far away! And I feel like there's so much I can't plan for until we know if it's a girl or a boy. Did you find out what you were having? Did you do a gender reveal party?

Can't wait to keep ya'll posted on the rest of these little pregnancy updates!
Are any of you mom bloggers? mom instagrammers? I would love to follow you/ask you questions/be inspired by your lives!
P.S. No seriously, if ya'll are mom-bloggers or if ya'll have favorite mom/pregnancy blogs, please drop a link in the comments! Eager to learn, eager to hear your tips, and eager to make new friends:)

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  1. I'm the youngest of 8, so I missed all of my Mom's pregnancies. But yes tired is an understatement. I did find out what I was having, and I'm glad I did. It made it more real.

    1. Good to know! I was a little on the fence about wanting to find out...but waiting a few more weeks to know what he/she is sounds a lot more appealing than waiting 6 more months!

  2. I love your enthusiasm! Your posts reminds me of my first pregnancy and all those exciting and nauseous feelings. LOL I know exactly what you mean about being tired ALL THE TIME! Now I am a grandmother of 14, after having 7 kids of my own, and I can say that each pregnancy is just as exciting even when they are my grandchildren and not my own. :) Thanks for sharing! I'm your neighbor at #TestimonyTuesday! Blessings to you and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

  3. Congratulations Casey! I'm so excited for you! There is something so special about the first pregnancy because everything is so new that it makes each day of the pregnancy an adventure. Blessings to you sweet mama!

  4. Congratulations! Oh man, the tiredness was pretty hard for me, too. I'm definitely a do-er as well. I just kept telling myself that I needed the rest and to take advantage of it. Now that I've been sleep-deprived with my baby for the past 6 months, I'm glad I took advantage of the extra time to nap when I was pregnant!

    1. Seriously, that's what I keep trying to tell myself because I know that will be true with me as well...!

  5. Congratulations!! Being pregnant and having babies it so fun! It's exciting every step of the way, even when you're exhausted and can't keep your eyes open! Hang in their momma! I love to ready, and mommasgonecity

    I blog at - I'm newer to the community of blogging moms, but hey! Everyone's got to start somewhere! Can't wait to read more about your upcoming arrival!


    1. Cool, thank you for your recommendations! Going to check them out, and your blog too! <3

  6. Love your update! I must say, I'm so impressed that you've continue blogging during these first few weeks of pregnancy. I've completely fallen off the bandwagon (thanks, morning sickness that lasts all day!) and I'm trying to find the motivation to get back into it. You've inspired me :)

    1. Thanks! I've been trying, lol! It really is hard, especially with the tiredness!

  7. Congratulations!! You look adorable!! I just had my 4th - and the tiredness is no joke. I have no clue how to beat it. I slept as often as I could. But it does go away and you'll have more energy soon.

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope the other trimesters go smoothly for you! Thanks for stopping by our Thoughts for Thursday linkup! Julie from

  9. The tiredness now is prepping you for later ;) You're almost to the 2nd trimester which I called the glory feel great, your hair is great, your skin is great, and you definitely develop a "bump." I was sick more from acid reflux than nausea, however. But, it's all worth it in the end...and remember: Nobody stays pregnant forever! :)

    1. That's true! Everyone keeps telling me that it will fly by... and it does seem to be going faster now that I'm not so nauseas:)

  10. Congratulations, Casey! Praying you get through each of the new phases of pregnancy with strength and joy! I didn't do pregnancy well. That nausea thing? All 9 months. Yuck. Tired was only the first and last trimesters. Loved the middle so I could get something done! Yikes! Just embrace each new one for what it is. Don't make it what you dream it SHOULD be. Accept the gift of what is and do what you need to without guilt. Naps? Do it, girl!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

  11. Oh Casey congratulations! You are going to have many moments of new perspective:) Praying for your health and for you to enjoy this special time of growing a beautiful soul for eternity! You have been given the best job in the world!!