Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: March 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Modest Budget: Pregnancy Meets My Fave Jeans

Hello, sweet readers!
This week has been a full one already. Monday was spent catching up the house after the weekend (like it always is) and cramming for an exam that I had on Tuesday. So here's Wednesday, and the first half of the week has flown by, leaving my fridge empty and my energy already a tad drained.
Shirt: Target (similarsimilar) // Jacket: Forever 21 (hand-me-down) (similar) // 
Jeans: Thrifted // Shoes: Target // Bag: Sole Society (hand-me-down)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Keeping Up with the Capra's: All things BABY!

Hey friends!

I feel like the last two weeks have been PACKED. The first week was spring break for me, and the second was full of Gender Reveal party preparation! (Not to mention cleaning my entire house!)

And while these posts are all about our family life updates, I realize that all I have to talk about this time has to do with pregnancy, babies or maternity! 😳 Lol. Sorry! It's all I seem to be able to talk about these days 😂

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Gender Reveal (and the party!)

This last Friday was a day I have been looking forward to for an entire month. It was the day we would finally find out if August would bring us a little dude or a little dudette!
Where do I head first? Pinterest, of course. Gender reveal parties are so super trendy right now, so I had no problem getting some party inspo. Jon and I struck a compromise between the super casual cookout that he wanted and the cutesy baby feel that I wanted.

We weren't sure if we were going to find out the sex of the baby at first, but decided to find out for a few reasons.
1) I'm a planner, and not finding out sounded a little stressful (lol at being a new parent and second-guessing every decision ever)
2) It would be a great opportunity to invite people to be a part of this baby's life before it was even born! While you can totally do this without knowing what "it" is, we have just recently tapped into a new and awesome community in our church, and we were/are super excited to involve them in our lives in new ways.
3) We wanted an excuse to celebrate this pregnancy, and already surround this little kiddo with celebration!

So, with that, we planned our reveal party!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Modest Budget: Is Target the BEST Shop for Maternity Clothes?

Welcome back to The Modest Budget! This second trimester, I honestly have NOT felt like looking cute or posing for pictures... Finding things to wear in the first and second trimester has been really hard! I'm not big enough for a lot of maternity clothes, but almost all of my every day clothes are too small. And don't get me started about how uncomfortable jeans are right now!

SO. I have been slowly trying to transition my closet into flowy clothes/maternity clothes. And where was the first place I went? Target! (no duh!)
But I'm finding that Target has YAYS and NAYS when it comes to maternity clothes, particularly with their limited in-store selection.

First Trimester Shopping Trip (transitioning to maternity clothes)

For my first trimester, I was just trying to find some tops and flowy clothes that would not cling to my growing stomach. At this point, most of my pants still fit, as long as I rubber banded them closed or wore a BeBand (which is TOTALLY worth the $19! I highly recommend one!).
(Ignore my weird face 😂)
Didn't buy: I really liked this shirt because it was really flowy and went down over the butt (which is nice for tighter pants and leggings) but it was a tad bit transparent. I try to avoid shirts that I need to wear tanks with, especially now that I know I'll be the most pregnant during the hottest months of the year.
Find the striped T here.
Did buy: So I got the black one instead of the white one. It has been such a great basic black T that can be dressed up or dressed down!

Didn't buy: This was a shirt that I didn't end up buying bc it was December and I didn't think it was super practical to buy a tank. But the fit was perfect for first trimester, and would have been great with some layers. The design on the front was so pretty, too!
Find this tank here.
Didn't buy: This is a top that I very much regret walking away from. This was not a maternity shirt either, but it was still super flowy and SO comfy! The little detail on the back was cool, and I needed more long-sleeve shirts than I thought I did. If I found this one again, I would definitely be taking it home.
Find this long-sleeve shirt here.
 Did buy: This was another great investment piece. Not only could it be layered (like I tried below) but it is really light, light enough for the spring time. My belly still has not outgrown it and it hasn't gotten too short in the front. Really excited to keep getting some wear out of these stripes!
Find a similar T here (and a $5 clearance T here!)
 Didn't buy: Again, I kind of regret this one, because I didn't think about the fact that a bunch of my cardigans have gotten worn out. I didn't get it because it didn't have any closure on the front, and I tend to get irritated with things I have to fuss with throughout the day, but I'm realizing now that those are great layers for growing bellies.
Find a similar clearance jacket here
Did buy: You may recognize this one from our baby reveal pictures! This has probably been one of my favorite early-pregnancy purchases, both because it is flowy and because this cut is pretty "in." The down side to it is that is a little shorter than I realized, which means I might out-grow it before summer truly comes, but I've already worn it a bunch.
Find this dress here and a maxi version here.

Second Trimester Shopping Trip (full-swing maternity)

I didn't document this shopping trip as well as the first, but this trip was to find some jeans and a few more shirts that fit my growing tummy. I was DESPERATE for jeans! But I had zero luck. I'll talk about that below.
 Didn't buy: This was a good top, but it felt too tight on my arms (and it was clearance, so no additional sizes). And, again, I'm trying to only get long-sleeve/winter items that are 100% perfect because I know most of my pregnancy will be in the summer. Not sure if you can tell, but this shirt also covers the bum, which is great for leggings.
Find this shirt (on clearance!) here
 Did buy: Ok, I think this is the best thing I've found from Target. This T is perfect!!! My favorite tops are v-necks, but they're hard to find at a modest v-length. But this one I can wear with out a tank underneath!! #winning. I bought the green color, but they had a bunch others not in my size. I'm going to keep looking for them, or order some more colors online (esp. the navy and the white, and possibly the black).
Find this great shirt here.
Didn't buy: Do you see those awkward-looking jeans that I'm wearing?? Ugh, horrendous. I think I tried on every pair of jeans/pants in their store, and all of them have a weird crotch area. I've run into this problem with every single pair of Target pants that I have tried on, bought, or been given. Pay attention to that if you shop at Target, because it really isn't cute.
Did buy: This dress was on clearance for $8! Woot! A pregnant friend of mine actually sent me the link to this one on clearance online, but it was $11. So I feel like I totally lucked out! It's still a little big in the belly area (hence, why I am totally pushing my stomach out to see what it will look like when it fits! 😂) but it is super lightweight and awesome for summertime. Really excited to possibly dress it up for an outdoor wedding.
Find a similar dress here.

Is Target the Best?

While Target has been my go-to for clothes for a long time, I have been super duper disappointed with their pregnancy selection. (Not that I'm mad, they are still killing it in other areas!)
They are great for the in-between stages, or when you aren't yet in full-fledged maternity clothes. But when it comes to investment pieces, like jeans, some dresses, and undergarments, Target is a little bit of a disappointed. 
So, if you're in your first trimester and looking for some clothes to hold you over, I would totally send you to Target. But for other maternity stages, I am still looking for somewhere budget-friendly to shop for some investment maternity pieces.

Have you had any luck with maternity clothes at Target?
P.S. How are you rocking your bump?? I want to see those preggo outfits! Tag me at #TheModestBudget!

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Knitting, Adventuring, and New Kitchen Shelves!

You know how they say that when you're a mom "the days are long, but the years are short"? Well, I I feel like my days are short and my weeks are short, too! Maybe it's my lack of energy or possible "preggo brain," but it feels like this year is flying by.
(Not that I'm complaining... I can't wait for August to get here!!!)

So, we are long over due for an update, so here we go:

Hammock dates

Jon's brother sent us a hammock for Christmas, and this beautiful, early-spring-like weather means we've finally been getting to use it! (Good timing, too, before I get too pregnant to be safe!)
(And when I say "early-spring-like," I'm not kidding... Everything bloomed these past two weeks!)

Artichoke baby!

Between January and this current week, the baby has grown from the size of a strawberry, to the width of an artichoke! This week (19) it's officially 6in long! (The length of a mango!)

The last couple of weeks I'm in that awkward stage between outgrowing all my clothes and not quite fitting into maternity clothes. Everything is either too small or too big! And I'm constantly pushing my belly out in hopes that I will actually "look pregnant" 😂
(And yes, both of those mirror pics were taken in thrift store fitting rooms 😂)

Norfolk cafes and museams

This past week was my friend Emma Rowan's birthday! So we spent last Saturday trying out a macoron cafe, standing in crowded, hipster coffee shops, and walking around an art museum! It was fun to have a girl day.
P.S: if you saw my Instagram story a few weeks ago, this is also the beauty that won Miss Deep Creek! woohoo!

Kitchen plants for kitchen shelves

Jon was a total babe of a husband last week and hung up some new shelves for me in the kitchen! My tiny kitchen is a blessing, but also a kitchen nightmare... and even though these shelves will mostly be housing my canned goods and veggies, I still wanted them to look cute! So what did I do? Buy plants 😋 #whitegirlstatus
Can't wait for these little beauties to grow! (and to finish filling my shelves!)

Thistlefish Knits

Hey, remember my knitting shop? I started it on Facebook, but I'm super unhappy with how that's working out... so by the end of this month, I will have a functioning Etsy shop! Woohoo!
I had a lot of fun projects, including some girl/boy twin blankets (so fun) and a tri-stripe fuzzy blanket!
My first shipment! 

Latest posts

Next week Jon and I will find out what our little sparrow is, girl or boy!!! I can't wait! So this next week for me is all things Gender Reveal Party inspiration 🙈 (You can check out my reveal party pinterest board if you want a peak at what I've been planning!)
So I want to know, what are your fave gender reveal ideas?

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Monday, March 6, 2017

When Pregnancy Doesn't Feel Pretty: 6 Things You Can Do

Let me tell you, I had no idea what my body was getting into when Jon and I found out we were pregnant.
As the oldest of 10, to a mother who had fabulous pregnancies, my expectations were nothing but full of excitement! I was even excited about my body growing to sustain a human, curious to see how God has created me to expand and stretch as this little gift grows inside of me.

I am discovering, however, that my ignorance about what truly goes into pregnancy has created quite a roller coaster in this second trimester. There were so many things that I didn't know! so many things no one told me!

Like, no one tells you...
That you don't actually look pregnant for a long time, just bloated.
That buying clothes during the first and second trimesters is hard and that they won't even fit for long, so why bother? just wear sweats those first several months.
That sometimes you won't like what you're body is doing.
That most times you don't feel like your pregnant body is something powerful and wonderful, something to be proud of, but it feels tired and achy and just swollen.
That, for a good chunk of your pregnancy, the only reminder that you are actually pregnant is the nausea, the exhaustion, and the fact that you can't quite button your jeans anymore.