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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Currently: Watching, Reading, Wearing... and more!

Letting ya'll have a peek into my life these days currently! And honestly, I need some help with a few of these... Like my inability to commit to a book club 😅
Watching: Poldark! Besides my usual competition cooking shows (😉) Jon and I have just started Poldark. It's not as funny as our favorite show Psych, but it's still good (and so far, very clean!)

Contemplating: Book of the Month Club! I'm a bit non-commital when it comes to things like this... is it worth it to pay $12/mo to get an awesome book? Along with the discussions and the accountability to read it?? Could be an awesome thing to get into before I start feeding a baby all the time, I just have a hard time justifying $144 every year on books...
(but the real question is, would I spend that much or more on books anyways??)

Reading: Remember when I told ya'll I was almost done with Ordering your private world? Yep, still haven't finished. I don't know why it's so hard to me to finish books! But honestly, I think I just invest too much in self-help/spiritual life books and I just get tired of them. I need some fun books or fiction. Any suggestions?
Jon and I have been listening to the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker in the car and on Sunday afternoons (audiobooks are get ways to get a nap;) but I need something to read or listen to without him. (And this is what keeps me coming back to Book of the Month Club!).

Buying: local honey. The pollen has been killing me this year! I hear pregnancy can make you more mucus-y and allergy-prone? Anyways, raw, local honey is supposed to be an antihistamine because of the cross-pollenation. Excited to eat a dose of it daily and see if it makes a difference.

Listening to: podcasts. Constantly. #cantstopwontstop. My faves lately have been
Jamie Ivey's the Happy Hour Episode #126 with Sazan Hendrix and Episode #135 with Jenny Randle,
the Mom Struggling Well podcast Episode #83: How to be a Strong, Brave Woman within a Biblical Marriage
and Sorta Awesome's Episode 94: Real talk on adoption with Corey and Kelly Gordon.

Also listening to "Do it Again" by Elevation Worship and the entire album of "The Hill" by Travis Greene.

Looking for: a maternity, black, sleeveless maxi dress that doesn't cost $100+!

Needing advice for: maternity bathing suits. Help. I don't even know where to start.

Wearing: Lularoe! Like I mentioned last week, these are the first products I've ever tried! So totally obsessed. Everything is so comfy. I wore it this dress all day on my birthday! And those cute origami swan leggings? Wearing them all the time.
Don't forget to enter last week's birthday giveaway!
Ends tonight!
What are ya'll into currently??
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  1. I've been having the same conversation with myself about the book club. So far, I've resisted but I'm not sure how long I will hold out!

    1. I hear such great things about it! I might try it for the summer... but maybe not...;)

  2. Oh gosh, I love LulaRoe so much. I really need to add some more pieces to my collection. They are great for me losing weight, b/c they stretch with you!

    I like the idea of a book subscription box. You could also check out BookCase.Club - they have a variety of genres you can choose from. I have a discount code if you're interested.


    1. They seriously are great because of the stretchy factor! I've been so nervous to wear my other non-maternity clothes for fear of stretching them, but I'm not worried about wearing these LLR things.

      And I have not heard of the Bookcase Club! Would love to hear more!

  3. Love both the dress and the printed leggings! Good find on those!

    Jessica |

  4. Let us know what you think of the Book of the Month Club -- I have contemplated doing this, too (my big issue is that I have two little boys who sleep in our bed at night, which makes it hard for me to read :/). Amen on the podcasts -- I listened to S-Town and am now obsessed with all things podcast!

  5. Oohhh ya know you could check out your local library and see if they have a book club program. It could save you $$$ and you could still read some good books!

  6. Loved the dress! Adorable and comfy:)

  7. Have you tried Overdrive as a possible alternative to the book club? I am currently obsessed with the audio books (although they also offer e-books)because my days are entirely too busy to even think about stopping to read a book. You look so cute in your colorful dress!

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