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Friday, April 7, 2017

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Spring Things

These last two weeks have been full ones! Not only were we able to get out of town for a day, but spring just seems to make everyday life just a little bit nicer (minus the pollen! 😝)

Lynchburg/Liberty Trip

My brother Dustin is the first to move farther than 20 minutes. This alone warrants a visit now and then. But he also made it onto the Liberty spring soccer team! Dustin is literally the most dedicated and disciplined person I know, so we were all pumped when he made it on a D-1 team. Hopefully he'll be there for good!

Before the game, we walked around Downtown Lynchburg and visited the coolest farmer's market. Since the drive was 4ish hours, I had packed a giant cooler full of cheap + healthy snacks, with room to take home some farmers market goodies!
I really liked Downtown Lynchburg, and totally want to go back and explore more. There was such a hipster, locals-only kind of feel.
We met my dad and a few siblings at the game, then headed to Bootleggers for dinner. The dinner took FOREVER to get to us, but the outdoor seating was super nice, and the burgers were real good (with great gluten free options!)

Thrifty Wins

I have been looking everywhere for a maternity denim skirt... so when my little sister calls me to say that her and mom found one down the road, you bet your bottom dollar that I headed straight there after class! I wore it in my last post here, and also found a maternity LBD! 😱 #winning!

Critters EVERYwhere

Spring has sprung, and that always brings the critters out. But check out these huge snapping turtles my brother caught around the house! 😱 I've never seen wild turtles so big!
My mom also got ducks and chicks this spring, which have been so fun. They grow so crazy fast!


Baby grew from a "spaghetti squash" to a "papaya" these two weeks! (Even though I thought papayas were smaller??).
This week, little dude kicked me powerfully enough for me to watch him from the outside! That was super cool. He kicks so so much right before I go to bed, and it's fun to feel like we get a little bit of undistracted time to "hang out." It's also the first time I have felt/recognized hiccups!
17 weeks still feels really far away, but I know that once the school year is over, his arrival date is going to feel SO close! I seriously can't wait to see that little face.

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