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Friday, May 5, 2017

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Girl brunch, pedis, and parenting practice

The school year is finally over! Woohoo! Let the summer nesting begin!

Girl Brunch

Had some sweet ladies over for brunch, and it was so fun! My chairs may have been mismatched, but I learned some things and laughed a lot. It felt like putting myself out there at first, but I so enjoyed having them in my house.
I made these flourless white bean banana chocolate chip muffins, this crunchy breakfast cobbler (read about how I changed it for Easter here) and these sausage biscuit balls with gf bisquik! 

Stopping to smell the roses

... I mean, take pictures of the pretty weeds and every other bloom I walk past! Springtime is a horrible time for walking (ahem, thanks, pollen) but I've been trying to keep my eyes looking for excuses to slow down on my power walks to just enjoy the beautiful blooms.
And sometimes I even get an adorable buddy to walk with!

Parenting Practice

Jon and I babysat a 17-mo-old cutie for a whole 24-hours this weekend, and it was so fun. We kept joking that it was parenting practice, but in all honesty, it was! Jon had never hung out with a child that age before, but he was awesome. It was fun to see what our lives could potentially look like in just a year and a half.

Girl day + Pedis

Coincidentally, I finished my finals the day before some sweet friends came in town, which made a few hours of Starbucks and pedis even more enjoyable! It was fabulous. 


I posted a longer pregnancy update here, but this week marks the third trimester! Wow. In so many ways it feels like he will never get here, but at the same time, these past six months have gone so fast!!! Trying to walk every day and drink enough water and get rid of heartburn are my biggest challenges... but I sure do love feeling those kicks every day!

Rudee's date night

Last weekend was a long one, so we finished it off by heading to a seafood place where we could eat a few apps outside. All those little booths are rocker booths so it feels like you're eating out on the water. 
Spontaneous date nights are a luxury that I am soaking up before the baby gets here!

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This weekend we are preparing for my little brother's graduation (how is he graduating college before me?? Oh right, cuz he's really really smart ­čśů) and then heading to Charlottesville for Jon's first-ever triathlon! It's going to be fun.
How are you kicking off the summer?
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