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Friday, May 19, 2017

Keeping Up with the Capra's: Triathlons, Graduations, & Mother's Day

These last two weeks have been full. It is so nice to be out of classes and to experience the first feelings of summer!

Regent Graduation

My little brother graduated this month, and is the first college graduate in our immediate family! While it would have been SO fun to graduate with him (you can read why I decided not to here) it was also fun to celebrate him as the center of attention for this big accomplishment.

Downtown Charlottesville

Jon and I headed straight from the graduation to Charlottesville, to get ready for Jon's triathlon the next day! It was a beautiful evening, so we walked around the Downtown Mall and explored. The outdoor performers were fun, and we even found a knitting store, filled to the brim with beautiful yarn and craft tools. It was beautiful.

Monticello Man Triathlon

 How cool is it that my man ran a triathlon! He had never done a triathlon before, but he completed it like a champ. He swam half a mile, biked 12 miles after that, and then ran a 5k! I was so fun to be there to watch him and cheer him on. Craziest part? He didn't even look tired or sweaty afterwards... I would be dying!
Jon's parents met us at the race, and we "tail-gated" while he was on the run and the bike ride and we couldn't see him. We had a great time snacking and chatting.

Nursery Update

Jon and I have finally started painting the nursery! Eek! First step to putting the baby's room together... We wanted to paint it grey, but after trying a few different shades, we lost patience and chose the "grey-est" blue-ish color 😂 Regardless, I'm still excited about the color. I'm hoping to paint our bedroom the same color before the baby comes, and if I'm really ambitious, I'll paint the bathroom, too.

First Mother's Day

I sported my 28-week bump for my first Mother's Day in this dress from Ross... It was only $11! It's super light and silky, so I can't wait to keep wearing it throughout the summer (and probably for the two summer weddings we have before Little Dude gets here!).

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