Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Second Trimester Essentials + My Second Thirteen Weeks of Pregnancy

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Second Trimester Essentials + My Second Thirteen Weeks of Pregnancy

Hello sweet friends!

Wow, this second trimester has FLOWN. I can't believe I'm technically in my third trimester this week! This update definitely snuck up on me.

So here's a little peak at how I've been doing at this whole baby-growing thing.😉

The Nursery

The school year officially ended last week, which means I can throw myself into getting Little Dude's room ready!

The paint: Like I mention before, Jon and I have tried to start painting... but we ended up not liking the gray we originally picked. I'm excited to pick up a darker gray next week and start the process officially. I want to get that finished before we start getting furniture in the room!

The clothes: We've already been given so many baby clothes! Which is such a blessing and so surprising. Last week I found some great pieces at a garage sale ($0.25 a piece!) and that was really exciting.

The furniture: My friend found me an awesome glider this last week for $50. I'm thrilled! All it needs is a little glider stool and we will be good to go.

Decor: Still hesitating to buy too many decorations since we still don't have paint set, but I've been really inspired by these Etsy prints. They're so cute! I also found a metal "grow" sign in the Target $3 section, and excited to put that up, too.

And his blanket? Still coming along, and SO fluffy... I can't wait to actually wrap him up in it!

The Maternity Closet

Maternity shopping is hard, ya'll! It's a bummer that you need to transform your closet for such a short amount of time... but I feel like I've found a couple of deals!

The basics: I went back and bought this Target top in several different colors. The top is $14.99, but basic T's are something you can't live without for a whole summer. I also got this $12.99 maternity tank. I still don't buy maternity pants from Target (like I talked about here) but their basic tops have been great.

Thrifted: I also went to the thrift store and bought a couple of plus-sized t-shirts. This has been a great decision so far, especially on days that I'm staying at home or just out walking. I'm trying to find as much as I can at thrift stores, and so far I have found a couple of dresses, a denim skirt, and a couple of t's!

Swimwear: The last thing I've bought, I actually invested in a good bathing suit. I dread bathing suit shopping! But ended up finding this super cute Pea in a Pod suit, and I can't wait to live in it the rest of the summer. (I also really liked this suit and I'm thinking about going back for this suit!)


I'm still eating free of gluten, egg, dairy, vinegar and apple (yes, those are all my biggest allergies 😅) so that has made snacking regularly fairly difficult. It has also been difficult for me to get into the mindset of packing lunch or snacks if I'm going to be out of the house for a few hours. 
Thankfully my meat-aversions have lessened, so chicken is back on the eat list! And Amy's gluten-free frozen burritos have become some of my go-to's too.

What did you mama's do for easy-to-pack snacks that didn't include granola bars or trail mix??

My friend Sarah at Lady Appleseed has some great Second Trimester recipes I can't wait to try.

Vitamins + Natural Remedies

Prenatals: I've been taking Bio-Cardiozyme Forte, Vitamin D3 5000, Methyl Protect, and K-26, and they've been great. 

Back pain: The best thing I've been taking is Natural Calm for my back pain! Natural Calm is a magnesium powder that helps with muscle relaxation and for overall calmness. I've been taking it 1-3 times a day, depending on how uncomfortable my back is, and it's kept me from having to go back to the chiropractor. 

Staying Active

Having a dog has totally helped keep me active. Who knew? Seriously though, I think Penny likes me being pregnant, because I've been taking her on way more walks. The goal has been to walk 2-3 miles 2-3 days a week, and some weeks are better than others. But it feels so good just to be moving! 

Other resources

Personal Updates/Milestones

In other fun news...
- Jon has finally felt the Little Dude kick!
- I "saw" a kick from the outside for the first time
- I also have felt the first direct kick to a full bladder... that was fun
- Little Man grew from the size of a peach (3+ inches) to the size of a bunch of lettuce (14+ inches)! 😱
- Mama has outgrown almost all of her non-maternity clothes, aka: most of my shirts are becoming belly shirts
- All I feel like wearing are maxi shirts and giant t-shirts and sports bras #notcute
- Still not a fan of meat, but definitely a fan of anything coffee, lemon, and tomato... basically, anything that gives me heartburn
- Also had my first sleepless night of heartburn (the WORST)
- Names? Still not telling! 🙊But my family likes to call him Pudge (#countdowntopudge!)
I feel like our eagerness to meet this tiny human is increasing every day... See those little feet in the bottom picture? UGH. Every time I see them I can't believe I have to wait so much longer to see them in person!
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