Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Essential Oils for Every New Mom (aka, my New Mom Survival Kit)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Essential Oils for Every New Mom (aka, my New Mom Survival Kit)

If you follow me on Instagram, it's not secret that I have become obsessed with Young Living essential oils. Ask me why, and I'll probably ramble on about 20 different reasons. But the biggest reason is because they have become my survival kit as a new mom!

I'm so so thankful that the Lord brought these amazing resources into my life. There's a reason I call them my "drops of glory"! They have brought a new calmness and a new wholeness to my home, and have saved my new-mom butt several times.

Wanna know what's been saving my life??? Glad you asked, I'll introduce you ;)
Disclaimer, I'm not a doctor, I am only here to share with you how oils have helped support our health and wholeness, not diagnose you or "fix" your health issues. ;)


ohhhhhh, lavender... I hated artificial lavender smells, but this oil legit smells like a face-full of lavender bush (...because that's where it actually comes from..instead of a bunch of chemicals trying to smell like a face-full of lavender bush;).

I love using lavender on Jonah, specifically on his feet and his back, and sometimes behind his ears and on his chest. It is incredibly calming and encourages healthy sleep. It's also been a really helpful sleep prompt! When I start diffusing it, Jonah knows it's time to start settling down for the night or for a nap (sense of smell is a powerful prompt when it comes to memories and emotions!). Also the main oil I use in Jonah's "Relax, Baby" roller that I roll on his feet throughout the day, and his "Sleepy Linen Spray" that I spray on his sheets!


Because ain't nobody (especially mamas) got time to get sick! And this powerful immune system support helps keep you "above the wellness line" by helping you build up your defense against the yuckies. I diffuse this throughout the house sometimes, and put on the bottom of my own feet (almost) every night.

There is also a Thieves cleaning line that includes hand sanitizers and a household cleaner that is
completely plant-based and made from Thieves essential oils... it's safe to spray on Jonah's high chair, his toys, everything! Non-toxic and magical.


Hands-down, I will never be without this oil so long as I have a baby or toddler in my home. This oil and I had our first jaw-dropping interaction a couple weeks ago when Jonah finally popped his first tooth. My mellow baby became a screamer because of the pain... until Copaiba came to my rescue! A dab of oil on my fingertip rubbed on his gums, and he's was completely calm in minutes because of this oils amazing ability to calm irritation and inflammation.


Sleepless nights, nursing Jonah in bed, carrying him around... all of it has done a number on my back and shoulders. But Panaway is like the "icy-hot" of essential oils, and has provided amazing relief to my stiff neck and shoulders. I rub it on every night before bed.


This oil is amazing for lots of reasons (um, hello, peppermint brownies) but as a mama I use it mixed with Panaway to enhance the cooling effect the oil has on my muscles. It is also helpful with constipation (hey there, brand new mamas!)

Be careful with peppermint around your chest or if you struggle with milk supply though! For some women this can cause their supply to go down (I personally have been using it on my head and shoulders with no issues though).


I have yet to find something that Frankincense isn't good for. Not only is it gentle enough to put on Jonah as a respiratory support, it is the most calming and grounding thing I have ever smelled. And ya'll know,... Mama needs some calm in her life!! Putting it on my neck or diffusing it is a sure-fire way for me to feel balanced and centered. Also in my "Relax, Baby" roller I put on Jonah.

(When baby #2 comes around someday, this is oil I am definitely taking to the hospital with me to deliver!)


This is the funkiest oil I've ever smelled! But man, does it do wonders on an upset tummy! Not only is this helpful for mama, but heavily diluted, it can be put on baby's feet for digestion support. I use this oil on Jonah's feet when he's gassy or when a new food isn't sitting right with him.

Stress Away 

Because every mama gets stressed! I diffuse this oil often, and wear it rolled on my neck every single day. It smells sweet and island-y, and helps me to feel less reactive towards my surroundings.

What do these eight oils have in common? They are eight of eleven oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit for only $160... with a diffuser! For these seven oils alone it is an amazing investment.

But wait... there's more!


This oil is my new bff. This blend is packed with oils that increase your body's circulation and alertness... what new mama doesn't need some of that???


Because hormones! Joy is an oil I put over my heart every single day... and I notice it when I forget. It is a powerful oil that encourages balance and calm. It also has a beautiful, floral scent, so it's an amazing perfume as well.

Gentle Baby 

Great for mama skin and baby skin, this is a super soothing and relaxing blend. I love putting a little bit in my hand and inhaling it. It smells very mild, almost exactly what you would remember a newborn smelling like. It is in my "Relax, Baby" roller bottle that I put on Jonah throughout the day, and his "Sleepy Linen Spray."

Baby Wipes

Yes, Young Living sells all-natural, toxic-free baby wipes. And they're amazing! For something that I need to use on my son multiple times a day, it is a great place to start replacing toxic baby products. They're also great as dryer sheets (another very toxic household item) and make up remover wipes!
(They actually have lots of baby products! I have only tried the baby wipes. Have you tried any??)
So there are the basics to my "New Mom Survival Kit." The cool thing about Young Living, is that they never use pesticides or chemicals at any point in their harvesting or distilling process... which is why I love love love using them around Jonah! I can be confident that these are wholesome products for him to be around.

But #tellmetellme, what are your favorite essential oils to use?
Know a new mama who needs this survival kit??
Want to know how to get alllllll of these? Go to this link 
Pick your diffuser, add a couple of things to your Essential Rewards cart (I would start with Joy + the Thieves Household Cleaner, or En-R-Gee + a 3-pk of baby wipes!) and you are all set!!! 
You'll get 24% off retail prices, 10% back in YL points to spend, and a free oil... Plus, lots of goodies from me and an exclusive FB group! Can't wait to include you in our "oil tribe"

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